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Direct headhunting specialist :
Focus is aimed at companies looking for assistance in recruitment projects covering France and International markets, requiring an excellent undestanding of the job‘s environment and of the necessary technical skills in order to offer an optimum selection of potential candidates.

A stable team of experienced senior consultants :
At Focus, each consultant has a former career and managerial experiences in France and abroad in various industries such as Energy, Automotive, Mechanical Industry, Plastics, T&L.
We also rely on career paths within Technical, Quality, HR, Sales & Marketing functions.

More than 10 years in direct headhunting
Our value added

FOCUS pays great attention to the relationship developed with its clients and candidates: transparency, accuracy and efficiency.

Our core business : the international recruitment
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Our experience in international markets, our approach and our expertise help reduce the risks of failure related in particular to cultural differences.

We rely on a rich and high quality international network, carefully maintained for over 10 years.

From our offices, we provide bespoke solutions on Europe, the CIS, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Bespoke services with a dedicated organisation
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Forming of a duo of specialized senior consultants taking in account the nature of the position and knowledge of the country where to recruit. This duo performs all of the mission to ensure responsiveness and optimum efficiency.

A consultant acts as the single point of contact with the client to maintain a customized relationship before, during and after each assignment.

This unique process without research consultant ensures a higher success rate than the market average and a high quality of service to clients and candidates.

Thoroughness and Tenacity
A placement rate greater than 95%
 Accuracy and Efficiency
Accuracy and Efficiency
Key success factors: A thorough understanding of your business, your organization and your corporate culture
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Focus accepts an assignment only if convinced of its ability to fulfill it efficiently with regards to the industry, human and geographical environments.

We pay very big attention to get a perfect understanding of your needs which results in an accurate and detailed analysis work with you to set the specification together.

Uncompromising identification and selection, a personalised monitoring
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A fully mastered direct approach recruitment methodology.

A renowned expertise for the search and selection of talents with skills and personality perfectly suited to your corporate culture.

A special care in supporting candidates throughout the selection, interview and job start phases. 3 to 4 months after taking position, a follow-up interview is systematically done with a written report to the client.